Assembly'96 Pictures

As usual, I had a camera with me at Assembly'96. This time, however, I actually tooks some pictures as well. This is not much of a party report though, more like a personal photo album. Have fun.

All pictures are Copyright 1996 Petteri Kangaslampi. Commericial usage prohibited.

 [01_teemu1.jpg] Teemu is thinking?

 [02_toilet.jpg] "Would you believe it -- clean toilets?" I certainly didn't, and I don't think anyone else did either. After all, clean toilets and demo parties just don't mix.

OK, to be fair, the toilets were at least reasonable this year.

 [03_kraku.jpg] Kraku the mad photographer? Kraku was taking pictures for an Interesting scene calender at the party place, I wonder what happened to that...

 [04_mainframe.jpg] Mainframe / Mindprobe, one of the Abduction organizers.

 [05_teemusaataa.jpg] Teemu doing some major engineering, probably fixing the network cabling. Amazingly, the party network with the internet connection actually worked pretty well, although at least our segment had quite frequent breaks in the connections.

 [06_housemarque.jpg] The great Housemarque Games stand just outside the main hall. Actually nothing to write home about, but, after all, Assembly is still supposed to be a demo party, not a trade show.

 [07_kraku2.jpg] Kraku is not looking very alert -- too much photography maybe?

 [08_mbnet.jpg] MBNet, the BBS system of the Finnish home computer machine Mikrobitti was also present. Coming to a demo party to play DOOM is sad, but I think spending the whole time chatting on a local BBS system is even worse.

 [11_teemuazu.jpg] Teemu, Otto (the teddybear) and Hannu. IRCing?

 [09_sivu.jpg] Sivu / Byterapers enjoying a beer. Not at the party place of course, alcohol was strictly forbidden, and certainly no-one would try to get around that, no way...

 [10_elites.jpg] More elitez having some fun at the parking lot. This time there was no big organized Boozembly event, but enough fun anyway.

 [12_dwez.jpg] Dweezil / Complex looking a bit drunk. The future hope of Finnish cryptography?

Petteri Kangaslampi, 21 Mar 1997. Feedback: