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2003 May 28

0.1.10 includes the long awaited autoexpanding input field. The input history is no longer infinite.

2002 Jan 2

0.1.9 no longer hangs when /swap used with one or two windows.

2001 Dec 23

Fixed versioning problems and distribution generation. Now 0.1.8 works at least on Digital Unix 4 ;-).

2001 Dec 3

Fixed dcc for Python 2.*. Also accept server text delimited by \n instead of \r\n.

2001 Nov 21

Configurable (config.wrap_mark) word wrap marker string in 0.1.6. Also changed from resizetermmodule to newtermmodule, which means we are no longer dependant on ncurses, any curses ought to work. Zombies on DNS queries really fixed.

2001 Feb 19

Unknown change in 0.1.5.

2001 Jan 12

There is an internal dcc implementation in version 0.1.4. The external dcc program is no longer needed.

2000 Dec 08

Version 0.1.3 has a fixed /reload and only shows the same away message for the same person once.

2000 Mar 31

Version 0.1.2 contains the new feature called ignore. This is done in the same way as auto-ops, via a compiled regular expression which is generated from a tree structure. The code for keeping track of people on channels is also fixed.

2000 Jan 31

The code base is completely reviewed for version 0.1.1. The structure now allows different user interfaces to be plugged in, although only the tty interface exists at the moment. Command line arguments have been added, as has a limit on the number of lines that are stored in the back buffer.

1999 Nov 27

Version 0.0.10 contains DCC support. The support uses the C helper program included in irchat, which is retrievable here. The /help bug and the function key bug are fixed, along with minor corrections. Reloadable classes have been extended to initialize new instance variables on the fly so that even fewer code changes now require a restart.

1999 Sep 24

In the version 0.0.9 there is a notice support and several bug fixes and a prettification in the line editor scrolling code. ircii -style bolds, underlines and reverses are also supported.

1999 Sep 8

The version 0.0.8 has a slightly modified way of making user configurations, check out for an example. Now it should be reasonably simple to modify the appearance of the client. Fixed a mysterious bug occasionally causing a crash on server close, and changed the line wrap code to wrap lines at word boundaries, with the old way as an option.

1999 Sep 2

A quickly updated version 0.0.7 of clirc contains some new user commands (/list, /eval) and changes to others (/join, /leave). Join now allows a channel key to be specified and leave won't destroy the server window. Also works without a configuration file (which may not be desired though).

1999 Aug 31

The version 0.0.6 has a modernized IDEA support (works with versions up to 3) and should be slightly easier to install, configure and use. This version has only tty support, the X interface of 0.1.0-alpha is rather crude and needs further development.

1998 Apr 30

clirc 0.1.0 alpha has an X interface (see screenshot) made with James Henstridge's <> pygtk, a set of Python bindings for GTK. The version I used for the original development was 0.4.0, but the bindings seem to be developing at about the same speed as clirc, so watch out for newer and potentially better working versions. At the moment this version has no tty support but it is in the works. As promised, it has a completely reworked event system, which makes configuration significantly easier than in the 0.0.x-versions.

1998 Apr 30

This page moved from my personal web directory to the S2 project area.

1998 Feb 17

clirc 0.0.5 adds support for IDEA encryption in the manner of Irchat. Lots of miscellaneous helper commands are also implemented.

1997 Dec 3

Version 0.0.4 cleans up interfaces, adds functionality, and fixes bugs. This version can be said to work.

1997 Oct 31

0.0.3 includes a makefile and a fixed version of the cursesmodule for python is added. SIGWINCH is now handled.

1997 Oct 19

clirc 0.0.2 features a user configuration file.

1997 Oct 19

0.0.1 implements some commands. Stdin read speed is significantly better, making pasting now reasonable.

1997 Oct 18

clirc 0.0.0 released! This is the first public version. Already implements dynamic reloading of code. Can only join, speak and quit.


clirc is the IRC-client of choice for those wanting to configure everything in Python. It is, naturally, made with Python with the exception of the included fixed cursesmodule.c (which will probably require at least a version 3.4 of ncurses) to allow for changing the size of the terminal.

Check out this screenshot of clirc.

You can get the latest version of clirc here.


Fix the paths in the Makefile, run make and make install.

If you are a user of some horrible binary packaging system, you are free to package clirc using that system, but it is not very realistic to expect me to do the packaging. There simply is no point. Also in this case you will probably need to have such packages of Python on your system that the C header files are included. Why they were not included in some prepackaged Pythons remains a mystery.


clirc is being developed by Teemu Kalvas <>.

Design: Petteri Kangaslampi
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Last modified: 28 May 2003